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Bauman Moscow State Technical University.   El № FS 77 - 48211.   ISSN 1994-0408

Finite Element Calculation of Discrete Stratified Fluid Vibrations

# 05, May 2016
DOI: 10.7463/0516.0841210
Article file: SE-BMSTU...o092.pdf (1261.90Kb)
authors: Ko Ko Win1,*, A.N. Temnov1

1 Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Moscow, Russia

Many publications, which consider a problem of small vibrations of an incompressible ideal fluid, completely filling the stationary cylindrical tank, have the long lists of references in the field concerned. This paper uses the finite element method to consider vibrations of three incompressible fluids, defines natural frequencies of vibrations, and builds the vibration forms of the interface surface of fluids for the double-tone vibrations. It shows how the vibration frequency depends on the ratios of vibrating fluid density and thicknesses of fluid layers and compares the numerical calculation results with the analytically obtained exact values.
The paper describes a variational formulation of the problem concerning the natural vibrations of immiscible fluids and using the finite element method provides a numerical implementation to define the fixed values of the functional that meets the variational problem. The reliability of the numerical results obtained is proved by their approximation to the result of calculating frequencies derived from the solutions of the problem of natural vibrations of fluid in a cylindrical vessel with a different fluid depth. To perform all numerical calculations was used the Matlab software.

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