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The Concept of Building a Radar Station Based on the Microwave Photonics Components

# 05, May 2016
DOI: 10.7463/0516.0840246
Article file: SE-BMSTU...o065.pdf (1164.76Kb)
authors: A.V. Shumov1,*, S.I. Nefedov1, A.R. Bikmetov1

1 Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Moscow, Russia

The microwave photonics is one of the most promising directions in modern radar engineering. Application of microwave photonics components provides a significant improvement in certain characteristics of radar:
   - dramatically improving informational content and resolution range of radar;
   - increasing range of target detection;
   - high noise immunity;
   - performance stability under changing climate, primarily, temperature conditions;
   - lessened weight and size parameters of antenna systems;
   - lessened cost.
The article reviews and analyses modern domestic and foreign publications concerning the application of microwave photonics components in radar engineering.
There is a lack of the deep-laid circuit solution of radar based on the active phased array antenna (APAA) realizing all the major advantages of using microwave photonics components despite the fairly large number of articles concerned with hardware components of microwave photonics, circuit design, and creating the separate units of radio-photon radar.
The article presents the elaboration results of a radar station (RS) structure based on the components of microwave photonics, shows the selection and justifies the specific technical solutions for all the key units making the system as a whole: a device to form a sound signal, an optical transceiver unit, an optical digital receiver, and the fiber optic lines.
The paper makes selection and justification of the specific hardware components (both domestic and foreign) currently available at the world market to create the system thereby showing that now in engineering point of view it is already possible to implement a radar based on the components of microwave photonics.
The calculation of tactical and technical characteristics of radar type “Voronezh-M” using microwave photonics components has shown a dramatically increased resolution and detection range, as well as, at least, 2 times reduced weight and size parameters of the product.

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