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In Memory of Alexander S. Popov (1859 – 1905)

# 05, May 2015
DOI: 10.7463/0515.0778161
УДК: 929
Article file: Popov_AS.pdf (3479.59Kb)
authors: V.P. Samokhin, E.A. Tihomirova

A brief overview of the life and work of state councilor A.S. Popov,  a prominent Russian physicist and electrical engineer, inventor of the radio. The information about the parents and surname Mr. Popov tree, interesting facts from his life and work, details of education at St. Petersburg University, Teaching in a Mine officer class Kronstadt, family life, participation in the Nizhny Novgorod Fair, creative work and career. Particular attention is paid to chronicle achievements A.S. Popov from the creation of storm indicator to the first models electronic equipment manufactured in the workshop E.V. Kolbasiev, its manufacturing  joint venture "Popov-Ducretet" and the tests during a rescue operation in the Gulf led by Vice-Admiral S.O. Makarov and warships of the Russian Navy, in conjunction with P.N. Rybkin and the D.S. Troitsky. The basic signs of attention devoted to memory A.C. Popova, including plaque IEEE Miltstone. The application provides information about the French engineer and entrepreneur Eugene Ducretet and the Paris World Ex-hibition of 1900, Awards A.S.  Popov Gold Medal.

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