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In Memory of Oliver Heaviside (1850 – 1925)

# 02, February 2015
DOI: 10.7463/0215.0757600
УДК: 929
Article file: Heaviside.pdf (1870.24Kb)
authors: V.P. Samokhin, E.A. Tihomirova

A brief overview of the main achievements of Oliver Heaviside eminent British scientist, engineer, mathe-matician and physicist, first applied to the study of complex numbers of electrical circuits and developed a technique of application of the Laplace transform to solve differential equations. Heaviside reformulated Maxwell's equations in terms of the vector of the electromagnetic field, the electric and magnetic inductions, developed a theory of communication lines, known as the "telegrapher's equations", and developed the idea of the ionosphere, predictions, head of existence it reflects radio waves layer. Provides information about the parents Heaviside, interesting facts from his life and work, details of self-interest in mathematics and physics, as well as the history of communication theory and electrodynamics connected with investments in this area James Maxwell. Oliver Heaviside was a member of the Royal Society of Great Britain and the first of the Faraday Medal awarded the London Institute of Electrical Engineers.

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