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Application of the Hybrid Analytical Model for Approximation of the Current-Voltage Characteristics of MOSFETs in a Wide Temperature Range

# 08, August 2014
DOI: 10.7463/0814.0720709
Article file: SE-BMSTU...o279.pdf (781.53Kb)
author: A.M. Pilipenko

The paper considers a possibility to apply a hybrid model for approximation of the current-voltage characteristics of MOSFETs in a wide temperature range from cryogenic temperatures to regular (room) temperatures (20 … 300 K). Being analytical and compact, the hybrid model con-tains additional formal parameters along with the physical ones. The hybrid analytical model, presented in this paper, is intended for the MOSFETs to be used as active components in low noise amplifiers. Low noise amplifiers, in turn, are used in radio-receivers of infrared and optical bands in astronomical satellites, radio-telescopes, and space observatories..
Low noise amplifiers are capable to work both at temperatures close to the room ones and at low (cryogenic) temperatures. Cooling a device allows improvement of the basic characteristics and the reliability of MOSFETs i.e. increasing a transconductance of the MOSFET and reducing self-noise. Demand to use the hybrid model is explained by the fact that modern models do not ensure a high accuracy of the current-voltage characteristics approximation for the MOSFETs which have a sufficiently large channel size and work in a wide temperature range, including cryogenic ones.
The hybrid model of the MOSFET represents a compact analytical model with only physical parameters and a correction function as a two-dimensional power polynomial. The coefficients of the correction function, actually, are formal parameters of the hybrid model and are defined without using the nonlinear optimization methods.
The hybrid analytical model allows approximation of MOSFET experimental current-voltage characteristics with the relative root-mean-square error less than 0,1 % independently of a temperature at which the measurements are carried out. The accuracy of the hybrid analytical model increases with increasing correction function order. The less an accuracy of the initial model the more benefit from the hybrid model application. The greatest increase of accuracy is achieved for transistors to be used as active components in low noise amplifiers at cryogenic temperatures.

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